To participate in our Bounty Campaign all you need is just to follow the below simple rules. That is it. We will guarantee to pay you off every your spent hour. 

1. User must comment all BANKllect official Medium, Reddit and Steemit posts  (https://medium.com/@EggerMielberg,

https://www.reddit.com/user/CryptoNeuron/, https://steemit.com/@bankllect/)
2. User must be at least 18 years old.

3. User must register using the link below (Registration). 

5. User can create a text article or infographic (image) article.

6. The text article must be at least 300 words.

7. The infographic article must be at least 150 words plus at least 3 images.
8. It is up to the user what type of article to choose, text article or inforgaphic article or both ones.

9. User can publish only 1 (text or infographic) article per day.

10. Blog, Media, Forum or Group where the user publishes their article must have a cryptocurrency, bitcoin, altcoin or blockchain topic.  

11. Total amount of articles (text and infographic) doesn't exceed 3 articles per Blog, Media, Forum or Group per week.

What to do:
1. User must publish at least 1 own text article or at most 2 own text articles per week per one Blog, Media, Forum or Group.

2. User must publish at least 1 own infographic article or at most 3 own infographic articles per week per one Blog, Media, Forum or Group.



Rewards for text article: $40 per article (4K spheres)

Rewards for infographic article: $80 per post (8K spheres)

Weekly Reports:

By every Monday user must send the following weekly report to info@bankllect.com (Subject: Name of Campaign):

The link of user Blog, Media, Forum or Group profile:

Number of week:

Text article link 1

Text article link 2

Text article link ...

Infographic article link 1

Infographic article link 2

Infographic article link ...