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BANKllect  is a decentralized peer-to-peer bank network.


Its main task is to create an unique and new generation bank ecosystem where each its participant will have a possibility to choose a needed bank service and earn on it.


The key difference from currently presented crypto bank solutions (Bankera, Polybius, Datarius, Crypterium, Change, etc.) is that BANKllect proposes a series of bank-focused services in the way different from what the traditional banks do.


At the heart of BANKllect network is a participant. The participant is an individual or company with or without initial financial capital (fiat money, coins, tokens). Our own technology «Proof of Participation (PoP)» allows the participants to earn money by a level of its activity in BANKllect network.

Mining process is as simple as choosing one of the bank services and earn on it.

The name of BANKllect's token is «Sphere» (SPH). The name of the token was not accidentally chosen. BANKllect is going to function inside Decentralized Intellectual Advanced Network (DIAN), «IntellSphere» (Intellectual Sphere).

1 sphere  =  0,01 US dollars



Bounty campaign starts: 29 march 2018

Bounty campaign ends: 29 june 2018


Total token pool of bounty campaign: 3 million US dollars (300M spheres)

Bounty allocation:

  • Youtube – 20%

  • Linkedin – 20% 

  • Blog/Media/Article – 15%

  • Twitter – 10%  

  • WeChat – 10%

  • Facebook – 10%

  • KakaoTalk – 10%

  • Translation – 5%

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