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BANKllect is a Global BANK Network that gives a peer-to-peer possibility to earn for anyone worldwide

BANKllect presents a full packet of BANK services that a participant of BANKllect network can use for own special needs. 

For example, if the participant has, say, $100, he or she can choose a role of borrower or lender. For the loan purposes, BANKllect has "Borrower-Lender-Module" (BLM). BLM allows a participant to send a loan request as to all participants of BANKllect network as to a single chosen participant.


Schematically it looks like:       

Fig.1. Loan request to all participants of the network

Fig.2. Loan request to a special participant of the network

All the participant has to do is:

  1. register in BANKllect network

  2. choose the service he or she needs

  3. use it on own discretion with own conditions of business contract 

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