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Self-regulated Intellectual System (SIS) 

At the heart of SIS lies three core principles:

1. Equal conditions of collaboration between participants of BANKllect network.

2. Inviolability of participant data.

3. Transparency of participant activity.

SIS determines a series of rules of participant collaboration. SIS gives an unique possibility for participants of BANKllect network to themselves establish norms and rules during the process of signing (accepting) of a single-side or multi-side smart contract. The participants will be able to themselves track and control as the activity of BANKllect bank as the execution of smart contracts. 

Anti Money Laundering System (AMLS) 

At the heart of AMLS lies two innovative technologies:

1. System of analysis of participant activity.

2. Algorithm of cross-referenced identification.

System of analysis of participant activity is based on an advanced technology of multilayers Rosenblatt perceptron. It allows not to only identify direct actions of participants such as money transfer, debit of participant wallet, credit of participant wallet, loans of any kind, but indirect actions such as relationship to financial bank deals.

Algorithm of cross-referenced identification is based on methodology of directed graph. The algorithm allows to practically identify any participant with minimum initial data about his or her activity.

Client-Guard System (CGS) 

At the heart of CGS lies a flexible system of client classification. The system allows each participant of BANKllect network to decide what kind of his or her personal or business information will be public or not. CGS gives an unique possibility for participants of BANKllect network to save their most important information in cryptographic BANKllect bank cell. BANKllect bank proposes an official guarantee of safety of participant cell. Moreover, insurance of cell entry will be included.

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